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MyShelf is your personal shelf for notes, pictures, links, text snippets of any kind. For an introduction to MyShelf visit our main page, for more details on how MyShelf works take a look at the features page.

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Platform Standard Edition Portable Edition Java required
Windows: MyShelf 1.1
MyShelf 1.1
Mac OS X: MyShelf 1.1
DMG package
MyShelf 1.1
TAR archive
MyShelf 1.1
TAR archive
All platforms: MyShelf 1.1
ZIP archive
MyShelf 1.1
ZIP archive
MyShelf Desktop for Windows MyShelf Desktop for Mac OS MyShelf Desktop for Linux

What's new

Version 1.1:

  • New Features: Move / Copy / Combine (Merge) / Delete / Export entries and elements more easily
  • New Feature: Open your favorite entries on start automatically
  • New Feature: Undo function for text elements
  • UI revised
  • Linux support improved

Version 1.05:

  • New feature: USB-based Sync (passive) for Android devices
  • UI fixes for Mac OS and Linux

User Guide

MyShelf Desktop

Navigate through MyShelf

Browse through all your entries.
Add a new entry.
Add and edit tags and meta tags to structure your entries.
Search your entries through tags and use full text search if you are looking for specific entries.
Look up and change your configuration.
MyShelf Desktop

The Browse Entries View

The subject of the entry.
(Subjects are not mandatory.)
The creation date of the entry.
Refresh the entry list.
Switch to edit mode to rearrange or delete elements, or to archive or remove whole entries.
Change the size of the elements in the Browse View.
Change the sorting options of the entry list.
MyShelf Desktop

Browse Entries - Further options

You can open each MyShelf entry in a separate window and keep it open parallel to the Browse Entries View.
Click to see extended entry creation information.
Remove the whole entry permanently.
Archive the entry (can be undone).
Arrange the elements so that it fits best for your purpose.
Delete the current element.
Export the current element to a file (text, full-sized picture).
MyShelf Desktop

Browse Entries - Image elements

When you double-click an image element, a separate window opens containing the image only. You can resize the window to the image's full-size.

MyShelf Desktop

The Add View

Add a new text element to your entry.
Add a new image element to your entry.
Add the content of the clipboard to your entry (text or image).
Remove an element immediately.
MyShelf Desktop

The Add View (continued)

As you can see, you can combine image and text elements within one entry.
You can also use tags for structuring your entries.

MyShelf Desktop

The Add View (completed)

After saving the new entry, you can find it in the entry list.

MyShelf Desktop

The Entry Detail View

Click in the Browse Entries View to open an entry in a separate window.

Switching to edit mode enables you to make changes in the entry.
MyShelf Desktop

The Tags View

The Tags View shows your tags and their short descriptions.

Switch to edit mode to edit existing tags.
Add a new tag / metatag.
Save a tag after you made changes to the tag's name or description.
If you want to cancel your changes, simply refresh the tag list.
Remove a tag.
MyShelf Desktop

The Search View

The Search tab behaves likes the Browse tab, but gives you a second and independent look on your entries. You can search for entries via tags or full text search.

Sync & Archiving

More information about MyShelf's Sync and Archiving features can be found here.

MyShelf Desktop License

This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranties or conditions of any kind.

In no event will encomit be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, subject to the following restriction: You may not distribute or redistribute this software without permission by encomit.


Sync Problems

There seems to be no syncing / no connection using the Mac OS X app

The Mac OS app of MyShelf Desktop works only if Java 1.6 or higher is installed on your system.
Please make sure the Mac OS firewall you are using allows MyShelf Desktop and Java to work on your local network. Connecting MyShelf Desktop with your mobile clients requires to work on your LAN. Refer to the documentation of your firewall to make adjustments if there is no connection between your mobile MyShelf client and MyShelf Desktop for Mac.

OS Support

Is Windows 8 supported?

MyShelf Desktop runs on Windows XP and above including Windows 8. However, MyShelf Desktop is not adapting the Windows 8 Metro design at the moment.


Is MyShelf Desktop really free?

Yes, MyShelf Desktop is available for free and does not require a registration. Just use our download links above. However, MyShelf is no open source software.

Is the free MyShelf Desktop application a trial version?

No, there only exists the full-featured MyShelf Desktop application - believe it, it's free!

Is MyShelf Desktop ad-free?

Yes, MyShelf Desktop is a completely free application and does not contain any ads.

Why are you providing MyShelf Desktop for free?

Well, MyShelf Desktop is an important part of our MyShelf ecosystem and, hence, is available for free for all major desktop computer platforms.

Will MyShelf Desktop always be for free?

Currently, there are no plans to change the free availability of MyShelf Desktop!

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